Mini Beasties this week (bugs not children!)

Hello Everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend, although the weather could not have made it a particularly pleasant one. I apologise for this blog being a bit late on account of me leaving my laptop cable at work and not fancying the drive to and from Stanton on my day off. As you can see from this week's title our theme is bugs! Our bug houses are in place and there have been a few viewings from some interested creepy crawlies but no takers as yet. We are planning on painting them in bright colours soon (when the rain eventually stops - I have faith that we will have a good summer) so maybe this will encourage some local bug residents to move in, or maybe the ants that seem to have take

Our Week

Hello Everyone! As promised here is the first of my weekly blog. With the exception of just a couple of wobbly moments (the children not the staff - oh okay and the staff) we have had a really good week back after the Easter break. We welcomed back Hannah our lovely student from last year, and it is like she never left us. The children are already lining up to plonk themselves on her lap and, based on the fact that she has a permanent smile on her face, I think she is really enjoying being back. This week I got to play football with FW! I am a little dubious about his football rules because in my opinion I got 15 goals but for some reason because the ball didn't touch the back of the net FW

Welcome to Lisa's weekly blog!

I will be posting a blog on here with all our weekly news on what your children (and staff) have been up to. Please remember to check in each week. Look out for an update on Friday Have a good week everyone x

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