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The bunny!

I thought I would pop to work earlier to get a couple of important jobs done before Monday. My journey to work means I have to drive through Wortham and anyone that takes this route on a regular basis will know that Wortham has a bit of a bunny problem. The little cute things are hopping about everywhere and today on my way through little did I know that one bunny in particular was going to make my morning!

So as I am driving through I could see the cars on the other side of the road had stopped. There didn't appear to be any accident and it wasn't until I got closer to the line of traffic that I realised it was a little bunny having a bit of a play in the middle of the road. I wasn't going to risk running him over so stopped as well to wait for him to finish doing what he was doing. First he hopped to my side of the road and the man on the other side was about to go when bunny decided to hop back over to the other side. He did this a couple of times and held about ten to fifteen cars (and continually building up) on both sides of the road to ransom. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks right in front of the other car. No not because he was scared, or confused or even hurt but because right at that moment he decided to lie down, stretch his little legs out and have a little sunbathe right in the middle of the road!!!!

Thank you little bunny for making me smile all the way to work this morning x

p.s if you were wondering what happened to him I am not sure. He decided to catch a bit of shade under my car and the man on the other side got out and looked under my car to let me know if I could go or not. I was able to drive on but it was some time on my journey before I had a car behind me,

so I can only assume that bunny continued to have fun holding up the traffic!!!

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