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Making some very happy memories this week!

The weather this week has been amazing and thanks to the high temperatures there was only one thing for it, lots of water play. The children have daily access to water-play anyway but we thought they deserved a little treat as we get closer to the end of the year. So we bought them a water sprinkler. Well none of us could have imagined how precious the memories made from this one little toy would be. The children came armed with an assortment of swimwear and towels and some were so eager to get in the water that they came to pre-school with their costumes on! I am pretty sure that the fun they have had this week has prompted many of you to make an emergency trip to the shops or online to purchase the same or similar toy sprinkler.

I know from the comments from so many of you that you appreciate how much effort goes into ensuring the children's early years are special and we feel really proud that we play a big part in that. From the squeals and shrieks of laughter coming from the garden it made me remember that what we have at Stanton pre-school is really quite special. I think there were many happy and contented children this week in pre-school and don't worry there is lots more to come!

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