The bunny!

I thought I would pop to work earlier to get a couple of important jobs done before Monday. My journey to work means I have to drive through Wortham and anyone that takes this route on a regular basis will know that Wortham has a bit of a bunny problem. The little cute things are hopping about everywhere and today on my way through little did I know that one bunny in particular was going to make my morning! So as I am driving through I could see the cars on the other side of the road had stopped. There didn't appear to be any accident and it wasn't until I got closer to the line of traffic that I realised it was a little bunny having a bit of a play in the middle of the road. I wasn't going

Making some very happy memories this week!

The weather this week has been amazing and thanks to the high temperatures there was only one thing for it, lots of water play. The children have daily access to water-play anyway but we thought they deserved a little treat as we get closer to the end of the year. So we bought them a water sprinkler. Well none of us could have imagined how precious the memories made from this one little toy would be. The children came armed with an assortment of swimwear and towels and some were so eager to get in the water that they came to pre-school with their costumes on! I am pretty sure that the fun they have had this week has prompted many of you to make an emergency trip to the shops or online to pur

Favourite Quote of the Week!

Last week I posted my favourite photograph and this week it is my favourite quote. A plane flies over... Eirwen "I wonder where that plane is going" Daniel "Poundland!!" Thank you Daniel for making me chuckle.

Cute dog alert!

My sister sent me photographs of her dogs and I thought they were too cute to keep to myself so I am sharing with you. If anyone would like to share their cute pet pictures with us, feel free. Maybe we can have a cute pet picture competition (see if we can beat our snowy day picture competition) The cutest pet wins a pet treat! We have a little visitor every week to pre-school called Wilbur and he is the cutest little dog so much so that the staff now shout "Oh Wilbur's here" (half the time we forget to actually say hello to the parent attached to the end of Wilbur!!!) Please share your funniest or cutest pictures of your pets (doesn't matter how old the picture is, the cuter the better!) Mo

The smile says it all!

This is my favourite moment caught on camera this week! Well done to Nicola for going to such lengths to capture it (such dedication to your job!!!)

Different ideas about children's ability to climb!!

This week we had a visitor to pre-school (not a parent or future parent) the visitor made a comment that there is little opportunity to climb or balance. So having the pleasure of being in ratio for the whole day on Thursday I was able to observe just what the children do to let off steam and how we support physical challenges in the setting, in particular our outdoor area. We do not have and will probably never have a climbing frame that takes up valuable space in our garden, instead we have logs, tyres, cones, planks of wood, steps, fencing, bricks, balance bricks and beanbags. What I observed today made me stand by my decision to not have a climbing frame. I saw a two year old negotiate a

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