Shhhhh! the fairies have moved in

The children have been so excited today because after a long wait the fairies have finally started to move in. Thanks to Eirwen and the children we have a beautiful little spot for them, and this morning much to everyone's surprise and excitement, we found that four of the fairies had built their homes here. We have told the children that we wont really see a fairy because they are so shy but we will know that they have been because they will leave things lying about for us to see. I told the children that while I was in the garden earlier, I could hear some music so went to investigate and I was lucky enough to spot a fairy sitting on the bench playing a flute! I was able to quickly get a p

Fundraising event coming up

Hopefully you have read this from either a leaflet in your child's tray or from our Facebook page. Maria and Charlotte are working hard to raise money for our pre-school and have started to recruit new members to the fundraising team. We hope to see you all there and if you can offer the ladies some help please let us know and we will pass on your details x

A Funny Weather Week

It has been a bit of a strange weather week, one day cold and rainy and the next day lovely sunshine. I booked a much needed day off and actually chose the best day of the week to go on the hunt for small plants for our fairy garden. I was under a lot of pressure as Eirwen is a bit of a plant expert and had given me my instructions on what to get. I on the other hand am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination and so felt the pressure in getting it right for Eirwen and of course all the fairies. I think I did well as Eirwen was very smiley when she saw my floral treasure trove in the boot of my car. I had a lovely day off (even if part of it was actually classed as work) and spent the

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