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Shhhhh! the fairies have moved in

The children have been so excited today because after a long wait the fairies have finally started to move in. Thanks to Eirwen and the children we have a beautiful little spot for them, and this morning much to everyone's surprise and excitement, we found that four of the fairies had built their homes here. We have told the children that we wont really see a fairy because they are so shy but we will know that they have been because they will leave things lying about for us to see.

I told the children that while I was in the garden earlier, I could hear some music so went to investigate and I was lucky enough to spot a fairy sitting on the bench playing a flute! I was able to quickly get a photograph before she flew away!!! I have taken some of the photographs of the fairy garden and the fairy I managed to capture in a photograph!

The children are learning the importance of looking after the fairy garden and know that it is there to watch and see what happens. They also know that if anyone tries to take things from the fairy garden they all have to shout out 'FAIRY DANGER' and someone will come to their rescue. Don't worry they will have their own fairy house to play with after half-term. We just need the dinosaurs to move in now!

Lisa x

The children are on fairy guard duty!

I was very lucky to get a photograph of the fairy sitting on her bench

The fairies are obviously about to do some gardening with their little gardening tools

Two of the fairy houses

Two smaller fairy houses

A close up of the fairy - we think her name is Mustardseed like the fairy from Midsummer Nights Dream

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