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Welcome Back everyone

We opened our doors on Friday to lots of new children. It was so nice getting to know them and their families. The children had a great time finding their feet and exploring their new environment. The outdoor area was a big hit with them all and considering that many of the children had not met each other, there were lots of friendships forming already.

From Monday all our oldies will be coming back and we are all really looking forward to catching up with them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer break and everyone is looking forward to the new term.

We have lots going on and I will be updating everyone on here or on our Facebook pages.

One important mention is that we will be open on Friday 18th October. We are aware that some schools, including Stanton primary, have a PD day but we will be open on this day.

I will update term dates on here next week for you all.

Have a good weekend everyone and see you all soon.

Lisa and team

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